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Looking to start


Looking to start using matchbox and code 3 trucks I have to start setting up some models
Looking for any and all advice on this

Where do you guys get all the Legos to build
The units

I get most of my LEGO in actual LEGO sets, I buy not only their fire sets, but any set with red (or gray) pieces to make fire trucks. I also buy pieces as I need them from which isn't run by LEGO themselves, rather individual sellers buy up large quantities of sets, break them down into their individual pieces, and sell them, often in large lots. Like you can buy 100 of a specific piece if you want or often you can buy just one or two pieces. Some sellers have minimums. I also look on eBay for older sets from time to time, and I'll often buy LEGO there like I would on Bricklink, but only if it's a good deal.

My website is and it's been online in one form or another for 20 years as of this month. Started online using AOL web space in November of 1996.

Can't help with the Matchbox stuff, I actually have two at work in my office and I'm constantly fighting off the urge to buy more...



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