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Metro Lifeflight Question


I am curious to know if Metro Lifeflight in Ohio still operates any yellow and blue Sikorsky S-76s. The only Sikorskys I see anymore are Cleveland Clinic ones with a different color scheme, and Metro seems to be operating Eurocopters. I'm also curious to know if those are the same helicopters with a new operator and color scheme.
 I'm near Cleveland, so is it different elsewhere in the state? Is there a yellow and blue one still in existence or is it wishful thinking? I would love to see one again because those were impressive birds and I remember them from my childhood.

I do not think they have any of them left anymore, almost positive they are all Euro. Their website gives, or at least it used to, a ton of information on their fleet.

Thanks for your reply! I'm glad you mentioned their website having info because I did some digging and found this Metro Health newsletter from their 30th anniversary. It says the Sikorsky helicopters were retired in 2009.  However, it also says Metro Lifeflight introduced the S76 to air medical transportation. Who knew?! When I was 12 years old, little did I know I was looking at history. haha

Anyways, here is the link to the newsletter. It is not mine and I do not claim ownership of it.


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