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Unknown device: socket for radio antenna?, for searchlight?, for siren/PA?


Will somebody kindly assist me in finding the purpose/nature of an old "socket" existing at the back upper portion (behind Driver's window) of the cabin of my truck (FORD 1967 squad body, bodywork by Thibaultt and Morysville, formerly operationg in New Jersey).

See attached pictures (dimension is about diameter 3 inch). I can imagine one of the 3 following possibilities, as a kind of "socket" for holding: a)aerial radio antenna/mast; b)searchlight ; c)siren/PA loudspeaker.

Thank you in advance

The device is used to mount a type of speaker called a reflex horn or a reflex trumpet.  Take a look at ebay item 400557417445 and you will see what it's for and how it's used.  Here's the link:           

Hi Villa37,

Thank you so much. Bingo! I found it on eBay, at a very good starting price (only the seller does not ship outside the US....). I hope I can find it fo sale at some other seller, some day soon, as it would look great on my truck.
All Best Wishes


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